A piece of somewhat better news. Version 2.0.

I have written a post with a similar name and this is indeed something linked both in substance and in form. The two stories form an interesting pair of mosaic mirror images, where some aspects are almost identical and some more or less precisely opposite.

Several chemicals, including many biocides and pesticides can disrupt the endocrine system. Such effects have been documented long ago and are now considered a major hazard. European Parliament held a vote on the subject of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) in the beginning of October. The Commission had, after long delay finally adopted a delegated regulation on EDCs – something that the European Court of Justice had demanded it to do long ago.

The delegated regulation, however, fell short of what is necessary to protect our health and environment from the hazards of EDCs, and as such was not in accord with the delegated powers given to the Commission by the existing regulations on pesticides and biocides. The text was heavily criticised by NGOs and scientists, including several statements by the Endocrine Society.

The Parliament’s COMENVI thus decided to block this move. In order to veto the Commission’s delegated act the Parliament needs an absolute majority. All the major European environmental NGOs did their best to secure this outcome. People wrote, phoned, tweeted and used all possible means to reach out to the MEPs. I did my small bit as well.

The vote was close but clear: more that forty more than the minimum required for absolute majority. The Commission will now have to work on the delegated act again, and this time secure better protection for our health and environment from the EDCs – a small battle won.

The environmental NGOs can sigh a relief. The decision however is only about one problem connected to agrochemicals. In order to seriously deal with risks to our health and environment caused by the pesticides we need a radical reform of the CAP.  

Post author: Aleksei Lotman, ELF


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