Meet the conference speakers!

We are very excited about all the great people who are coming to Tallinn for the conference "CAP 2020. Towards sustainable agriculture".

There will be environmental and agricultural organisations, agricultural experts, farmers and officials of Estonia and the other EU Member States attending the conference.

Here is the list of speakers:

Marko Gorban - Deputy Secretary GeneralEstonian Ministry of Rural Affairs
Harry Liiv, Deputy Secretary GeneralEstonian Ministry of the Environment
Kaul Nurm, Member of the Council, Estonian Farmers Federation
Juhan Särgava, farmer, Baltic Sea Friendly Farmer of the Year 2013, SaidaFarm
Ottilia Thoreson, Programme Director, WWF Baltic Ecoregion Programme
Jabier Ruiz, EPO Senior Policy Officer, Agriculture and Sustainable Food System, WWF
Mikhail Durkin, Executive Secretary, Coalition Clean Baltic (CCB)
Inés Jordana, Senior Agriculture and Food Policy Officer, SEO/BirdLife
Faustine Bas-Defossez, Policy Manager for Agriculture and Bioenergy, European Environmental Bureau (EEB)
Gwyn Jones, Chief Executive, European Forum of Nature Conservation and Pastoralism
Aleksei Lotman, Expert on agri-environment, Estonian Fund for Nature
Lennart Gladh, Senior Advisor, Gladh et Plana
Jaanus Elts, Member of the Council, Estonian Ornithological Society
Roomet Sõrmus, Chairman of the board, The Estonian Chamber of Agriculture and Commerce
Kaja Lotman, Counsellor, Environmental Board/Europark
Sofia Björnsson, Expert on agricultural policy and rural development, BFFE, LRF
Henriette Christensen, Senior Policy Advisor, PAN-E
Sönke Beckmann, Senior Policy Manager, Landcare Germany

Find the introductions of the speakers of the conference HERE! 


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